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K.C. Cave
Note:  This is an erotica-focused website.
If you are under 18 or easily offended, this isn’t the place for you!

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China Dragon

China Dragon

A Little About Me:

I'm a former journalist of more than 20 years now dedicated to something I actually know something about: sex. (Don't search K.C. Cave, though--it's my pen name.)

Not only are my fictional characters beautiful and randy (fun word!), they are often funny. Well, sex is often funny, so why not? I also like to make the sex they experience very explicit, as well as passionate. (Funny, isn't it, that explicit sex is taboo, while violence is okay? Not ha-ha funny, though.)

See all those lush, sexy book covers going by on the carousel? Those high quality pictures of gorgeous, sexy people (yeah, mostly women, but not all) are just the start of what you’ll find when you start reading them. If you relish sexy, explicit, panty-wetting (or erection-inducing) prose that’s well-written with strong, believable characters engaging in mind-blowing sex, check out my books! Just click on a cover.

I like erotica where no one gets hurt and everyone has fun--and gets off. Especially the reader.

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